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Department of Mathematical Modeling of Geophysical Processes (MMGP)

  • Head of Department
    • Kumykov Tembulat Sarabievich, Ph.D.
  • Department staff
    • Shkhanukov-Lafishev Mukhamed Khabalovich,  chief researcher, Doctor in Physics and Mathematics
    • Anakhaev Koshkinbai Nazirovich, chief researcher, Doctor of Technical Sciences
    • Eneeva Liana Magometovna, senior researcher, Ph.D.
  • Scientific research department fields of work:
    • Atmospheric-electric processes study associated with the fundamental problems of the physics of the Earth, taking into account environment fractal structure
    • Development and implementation of numerical models (of different classes, of different degrees and complexity) for convective clouds and related phenomena, taking into account the environment fractal structure
    • Fractal dynamics simulation of convective clouds using a 3D lattice and fractal dynamic effects during convective cloud self-organization
    • Locally one-dimensional difference schemes for parabolic equations in multidimensional domains with a fractal structure
    • Locally one-dimensional difference schemes for equations of the fractional order of microphysical processes in mixed convective clouds
    • Investigation of a model equation of motion in dissipative media with a variable potential
  • Research seminars
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