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Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Project No. 16-01-00462-a “Study of differential equations with fractional and distributed derivatives” (2016–2018), Research Project Manager – Pskhu A.V.

Project № 18-01-20015Г. The project on organizing and conducting the International Scientific Conference “Actual problems of applied mathematics and physics” (2018)

Project № 18-01-00050А “Robust methods and algorithms of machine learning for solving regression, classification and clustering problems (2018–2020), Research Project Manager- Z.M. Shibzukhov

Project №18-51-45005Инд_а “Study of multidimensional fractional diffusion-wave equations and their application to the study of dissipative physical processes” (2018–2019), Research Project Manager – Pskhu A.V.

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (contract No. 03.G25.31.0225) “Development and creation of high-tech production of domestic digital x-ray complex with a function of tomographic image synthesis” , Government of the Russian Federation No. 218, 04.04.2010. (2017–2019), Research Project Manager- Apekov A.M.

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