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Department of Neuroinformatics and Machine Learning (NML)

  • Head of Department
    • Lyutikova Larisa Adolfovna, PhD.
  • Department staff
    • Shibzukhov Zaur Mukhadinovich – Leading Researcher, Ph.D.
    • Kudaev Valeriy Cherimovich – Leading Researcher, PhD.
    • Dmitry Petrovich Dimitrichenko – Senior Researcher
    • Marat Alievich Bagov – Researcher
    • Abazokov Mohammed Borisovich – Junior Researcher
    • Kazakov Mukhamed Anatolyevich – Junior Researcher
    • Shmatova Elena Vitalyevna – Junior Researcher
    • Zhilov Ruslan Alberdovich – Research Intern
    • Lyudmila Vasilyevna Skorikova – Research Engineer
  • Scientific research department fields of work:
    • Theoretical research in neuroinformatics, development of machine learning algorithms for artificial neural-like systems
    • Theoretical studies in mathematical logic for developing and implementing models that simulate intelligent solutions
    • Computing systems and applications of machine learning algorithms and neuroinformatics in practice
    • Development of methods and algorithms for solving extreme problems in grids
  • Research seminars
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